What is a Mobile Community app?

A Mobile community app will complement your community’s website and will be a primary contact point for every resident within your community. This service will provide you with an avenue to contact residents with pertinent information, at any time, on their smartphones.


How will my Mobile community system work?

Your Mobile app is a quick link to your website.

Do we use the website or a smart phone to send messages?

You can use either. If the power is down, messages can be sent via cell phone.

How long does it take to install and implement?

The typical turnaround to get your custom app up and running is 30-60 days. There is no hardware, as everything is web-based.

What is the fee schedule?

There is an upfront cost to setup your custom app, which will depend on the features you desire. There will also be a monthly fee to cover the maintenance of the source code and updates to the system.

Can I schedule a message delivery time?

Yes, you can schedule a message to go out when you want.

How do I update our list of allowed users?

You can update your list at any time by accessing your database at our website.

Can we collect various fees through the Mobile app?

Yes, there will be a link to handle this process.


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