How It Works

Our Process



Complete our short application form Complete our short application form to register with Mobile HOA. Your application will be reviewed. The next step will be to collect your payment for the first year’s set up and maintenance. You will be able to pay directly through our website.



Work with our design specialist to assure your app will have the features relevant to your HOA’s needs. Colors, layouts, and features will all be discussed. Our design specialist will help you setup your Apple Developer Account.


Create, Review and Revise

Mobile HOA will work with you to customize your app to your unique specifications. We know all HOAs have different needs, and Mobile HOA will design your app to meet your requirements.


Submit your app

Once we have your app just the way you want it, we will submit it to the Apple and Android app stores for approval. (This is a sometimes long and tedious wait – sometimes 2-3 weeks for Apple’s approval.)


Customer Training

Following your app’s approval, your design specialist will conduct a thorough training of all its features. You will learn how to send messages from all your devices, as well as understand your app analytics.


Support & Updates

Mobile HOA provides stellar customer support and will return emails and answer questions within 24 hours. We will also provide your HOA with a promotional flyer highlighting your new app. and instructions for downloading it from the app stores. Instructions for downloading it will be included as well.

Mobile App Examples